Building My House

I have always wanted to build my own house. I am retired now, so I have the time. I found some land, designed a house that would fit the land and my needs and got started. I am doing all the work myself, so progress will be fairly slow. To read this blog from the beginning, start with the oldest archive and read posts from last to first.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sewer Easement

There is an 8" sanitary sewer that runs down the north edge of the property (by the fence), between the two manholes shown in yellow. Attached to this sewer was a 7.5' maintenance easement (either side of centerline) which would encroach about a foot and a half into my house to be. I talked to the city; they said we could change it to a 5' easement. Unfortunately, getting it changed took most of a year. At times I thought it just wasn't going to happen; which would either be the end of the project; or at the least require a significant design change. But, in the end, and with a lot of patience and persistance it was finally done. So, now we can start digging.


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